“I find his orchestral writing thus far, shows an excellent sense of the medium, with strong rhythmic vitality and clear textures. He thinks naturally in the orchestral medium.”
— Justin Dello Joio
“Etude for Long Arms is an exciting two mallet marimba piece that tests the endurance and stamina of the player while providing the audience with a fun aural and visual show. Between the contrasting chromatic runs in both hands to the fast paced use of the entire keyboard, Etude for Long Arms is a top notch piece that should be added to everyone’s list of repertoire.”
— Sara Tischler
“A passionate blend of motion and melody; Aldonza is a beautifully ambient composition which has the performer in constant motion from beginning to end.”
— Josh Zaid
“I greatly enjoyed playing Nicholas Hall’s quintet Whirlwind. Its interlocking rhythms made it fun for the ensemble, and its pleasant melodies have me singing the music as I walk down the street. I recommend this piece to my friends and colleagues, and I hope to play more of Mr. Hall’s music soon.”
— Phil Rashkin