Night Sky (2013)

Instrumentation: Solo Cello 

Duration: 7:00

"Night Sky" is a work for solo cello that utilizes open space and the large range of the instrument to depict the calm and the mystery of a night sky. Written just after Hurricane sandy with no power and just a candle the performer is instructed to mimic this feeling and sensation by having performance lights off and just a single candle between the performer and the audience, thus allowing the listeners to get lost by the sonorities of the cello filling the dark concert hall and leading the listener to get lost in Night Sky.

Rollercoaster (2013)

Instrumentation: Solo Trombone 

Duration: 4:30

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"Rollercoaster," commissioned by Ryan McNulty, is a theatrical piece written for solo trombone. The performer is instructed to act and portray the themes not only through the sound of their instrument but through the motions, expressions, and sounds of the performer themselves.