Etude in 60: ONE found-percussion - Sheet Music

This etude allows the performer to think creatively in their set-up, requiring all "found" items. From a technical aspect, the music is created with several overlapping dotted rhythms, requiring the need for each hand to act independently from one another. 

set-up specifics: two large flowerpots, one wood slat, one ceramic bowl, one metal bell, four metal pipes. the performer is encouraged to explore different pitches and may substitute other objects of similar sounds. 

Etude in 60: THREE drum-set - Sheet Music - Practice Track - Performance Track -

This etude challenges the performer through a misleading use of a 5:4 polyrhythm. Toward the end of the etude a metric modulation places emphasis of the grouping of 4.

set-up specifics: kick drum, snare, floor tom, rack tom, hi-hat, ride, crash

Etude in 60: FIVE multi-percussion - Sheet Music -

This etude is set in a time signature of 30/16 with an emphasis on groupings of five. An ostinato is created on the drums with a repeated five note grouping while a melody is created on a set of pipes happening every six notes. The challenge is letting the melody sing while keeping the ostinato steady and relaxed.

set-up specifics: bongos, medium tom, low tom, kick drum, four pipes

Etude in 60: EIGHT multi w/ prepared vibraphone - Sheet Music -

This etude introduces some more use of a looper pedal, this time with overlapping polyrhythms created with a prepared vibraphone along with an assortment of other sounds. The challenge in this will be creating the polyrhythmic modulations over the original loop. To learn more about looper pedals see etude seven.

setup specifics: prepared vibraphone (Eb5, F5, Gb5, Ab5, A5 with binder clips on the edge of the bar), low tom, sizzle cymbal, and stacker (performed with a foot pedal)

Etude in 60: NINE drum-set - Sheet Music - Practice Track - Performance Track -

This etude showcases the use of cymbals within various beats and fills. The performer is challenged by first placing emphasis on the up-beat and later having to turn it around.

set-up specifics: kick drum, snare, hi-hats, 4+ cymbals

Etude in 60: TEN multi-percussion - Sheet Music -

This etude is created in a way that takes 5 unique voice within a multi-percussion set-up and gives each one it's own responsibility within the overall texture. Often multi-percussion works are so thick that the performer may not understand each individual line and with this etude it's a chance to learn to analyze that thick texture and find those lines.

set-up specifics: two pitched pipes, metallic "chic" sound, wood, non-specific-pitched resonant metal, non-specific-pitched "earthy" resonant objects  

Etude in 60: FOURTEEN battery-percussion [COMING SOON]

This etude challenges the performer through a continuous set of metric modulations. Starting at a tempo of 60 and ending at a tempo of 190 it is important to remain relaxed and steady through each metric change.

set-up specifics: bongos, medium tom, kick drum, sizzle cymbal