Etude in 60: TWO prepared vibraphone - Sheet Music

This etude features a lightly prepared vibraphone performed with a bow in the left hand and two mallets in the right hand. Tackling issues of simultaneous bow and mallet use where the performer is required to bow a note in the middle of two struck notes.

preparation specifics: a quarter is placed on the node of F3 and G3, motor on: medium speed  

Etude in 60: FOUR vibraphone w/ non-traditional implements - Sheet Music -

This etude features the use of non-traditional mallet implements to explore new sound capabilities without any alterations to the instrument. The player is required to pay close attention to the use of inner and outer mallets to use the different implements in the etude.

mallet specifics: hard rubber mallets to be always performed on the node of the bars - rute sticks to be used on the surface of the bar as well as the edge of the bar

Etude in 60: SIX prepared vibraphone - Sheet Music -

This etude features a lightly prepared vibraphone performed with a bow in the left hand and a hard metal mallet in the right hand. The hard mallet is used in an extended technique requiring the performer to strike accidental bars on the inside edge, sounding the harmonics of each bar over the fundamental pitch.

preparation specifics: foil is placed on the natural bars between F3 through C4 - a hard metal mallet is required for the harmonics

Etude in 60: SEVEN pitched percussion - Sheet Music -

This etude, influenced by the music of Steve Reich, explores the use of repeating patterns on top of one another through the use of a looper pedal. If a looper pedal is unavailable the etude can also be performed as a trio. 

instrument specifics: the featured video shows the etude being performed on a set of pitched metal pipes, however, the music can be performed on any pitched percussion from glockenspiel to vibraphone or a mixed variety

Etude in 60: EIGHT prepared vibraphone w/ multi - Sheet Music -

This etude introduces some more use of a looper pedal, this time with overlapping polyrhythms created with a prepared vibraphone along with an assortment of other sounds. The challenge in this will be creating the polyrhythmic modulations over the original loop. To learn more about looper pedals see etude seven.

setup specifics: prepared vibraphone (Eb5, F5, Gb5, Ab5, A5 with binder clips on the edge of the bar), low tom, sizzle cymbal, and stacker (performed with a foot pedal)