Listening Through an Open Door (2016)

Instrumentation: 2[1/picc.2.] 2[1.2/Eh.] 2[1.2/Bcl.] 2[1.2/Cbn] - 4231 - Timp+3 Perc - Hp - Str

Duration: 7:30

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"Listening Through an Open Door," originally for the JACK Quartet, is a reflection on the occurrence of sounds and noises that surround us from day to day. These sounds are mostly second nature to our ears and we often do not notice their existence. However, these sounds can also be quite intrusive and disruptive to our natural ability to hear rhythms within our daily soundscape. This version has been orchestrated for the NYU Symphony Orchestra. 

No Longer There, But Here (2014)

Instrumentation: 2+pic/alto, 2, 2+bass, 2 - 4, 3, 2+bass, 1 - timp+3 perc - pno - strings

Duration: 10:30

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Winner of the 2017 "New Horizons" Composition Competition

“No Longer There, But Here,” for symphony orchestra, is a piece that is very personal to both myself and my family. I began writing the original theme, based on a series of falling thirds, around the time of my grandmothers death. It was a hard time for me and I naturally turned to music as an outlet of emotions. The piece, however, would be put aside for quite a few years before I returned to it in 2014 to finish what I had started. Reflecting on the events, and the music I had written, I noticed that by adding just a few notes to the original theme it gave me the “Dies Irae” theme from traditional Gregorian Chant. Over the development of the piece I built a theme and variations based on both the original theme and the “Dies Irae” theme passed between various voicings and styles. At the conclusion of the piece the opening chorale returns while struggling to speak within the thick texture of movement within the brass and winds. The texture slowly thins allowing the chorale to speak with the final reiteration of the theme presented for the first time as a major third interval. 

[Percussionists] ... at the back of the stage, covering a wide array of instruments. Kettledrums volleyed abrasive hits to the bass drum, which rumbled in turn. All of Hall’s percussion choices added lively colors to his work.
— How Eye Hear It

Shadow Evolutions (2013) 

Instrumentation: Two Solo Percussion with Symphony Orchestra 

Duration: 23:30

Commissioned by the North Shore Symphony Orchestra

"Shadow Evolutions" (Duo Concerto no. 1 for two percussionists and symphony orchestra) is an intense and dramatic work consisting of life’s two most common characteristics; good and evil. From beginning to end, the piece unfolds revealing the deep evolution of these characteristics and their existence parallel to one another within our world.


Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble

Duration: 10:20

Nocturnal Sunset (2011)

Instrumentation: Wind Ensemble

Duration: 7:30